Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Yes, I was absent for the last occurrence of Esthete Radio. But luckily KDD from 18 Karat Jazz fame filled in and saved the day.

Q- The reason for my absence?

A- Arthur Nights (imeem is pretty crappy, yea)

There were a ton of bands at this thing. Old timers, some more desirable than others :(. And there were many many fresher faces. To cut to the chase, I enjoyed myself.

As a heads up, I will be absent for the second week in a row this coming Sunday as I make the trek to my homeland, Indiana. I should be back on air the 5th of October November.

To tide everyone over, another Fahey/Edison mash (maybe someone can enlighten me as to why The Prestige is hatin on Edison so much; I'm giving that movie two big thumbs down):

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