Sunday, December 10, 2006

Esthete Radio 7.0 Playlist - 26.11.06

Ok. Thanks for your patience. Time-Warner is getting on my last nerve. It has been 2+ weeks and three repair visits (or non visits) later and my home internet feed is still absent. Right now I am in a coffee shop that is about to be turned into a starbucks, when there is already a starbucks literally across the street, a one minute walk away.

Catching up...

Songs of The Green Pheasant
Pink by White
Aeriel Days
Raro & Apenino
Untitled 5
Raro & Apenino
Eddie Bowels
Art of Field Recording
Eugene Carchesio & Leighton Craig
Untitled 6
Kid Bailey
Rowdy Blues
Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues
Les Amis Creole
le Hobo de Breaux
Les Amis Creole
Raro & Apenino
Untitled 6
Raro & Apenino
Druids of Stonehenge
I Put A Spell On You
Hirut Beqele
Almokerkum Neber
Ethiopiques Vol 3
Sister Fleeta Mitchell and Rev. Willie Mae Eberhard
Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
Art of Field Recording
Bert Jansch
A Man I'd Rather Be
It Don't Bother Me
Ladies W.C.
Heaven's Coming Up
Ladies W.C.
Hirut Beqele
Yeqondjowotch Mender
Ethiopiques Vol 3
St. Mikael
Soul Flower
Kashmere Stage Band
Burning Spear
Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974
Guido & Maurizio de Angelis
The Other Face
70s Italian Gangster Jazz
Alice Coltrane
A Love Supreme
New Thing!
Keijo and Jussi Karsikas
Ihmettelenpa Sanoi Kampela
George Coleman
I Wish I Could Sing
Bongo Joe
Karen Dalton
Katie Cruel
In My Own Time
Lorette Velvette
Pretty Perfect Lovers
Lost Part of Me
Henry Thomas
Texas Blues
Mance Lipscomb
Texas Songster
Panda Bear
Panda Bear/Excepter Split
3 Hur-El
Canim Kurban
Hurel Arsivi
Lamp of the Universe
Earth, Spirit & Sky
Birdie Hilltop
Bucket of Laughs
Surround the Birthday

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