Thursday, March 08, 2007

Esthete Radio 19.0 Playlist - 25.02.07

Rapider Than Horsepower
Ain't Never, Never
This is My Big Night
Perry Leopold
the Starewell
Christian Lucifier (1973)
Fern Knight
Music for Witches and Alchemists
Esencialmente Asi No Mas
Blops 2: Del Volar de las Palomas
La Revolution De Emiliano Zapata
Still Don't (Not Yet)
La Revolution De Emiliano Zapata (1971)
Mack Sigis Porter
Peace on You
Peace On You (1972)
My Sweet Jame
Witch Burning (1971)
Alone in the Dark Wood
Alone in the Dark Wood (2007)
Lawrence and Vaughn Eller
Fly Around my Blue-Eyed Gal
Art of Field Recording
Derek Bailey
Gone with the Wind
Ballads (2002)
The Incredible String Band
All Writ Down
Be Glad for the Song has no Ending (1970)
Brothers on the Side
Cymande (1973)
Gastr Del Sol
Black Horse
Camoufleur (1998)
Rhubarb's Revenge
2000 Man
Confessions of a Big Lanky Dope (1973)
Dirty Funny situation
Darius (1969)
Is Night People (2006)
Marc Mundy
The Tragic House
Marc Mundy (1971)
Panda Bear
Good Girl/Carrots
Person Pitch (2007)
Blind Willie Johnson
When the War Was On
Praise God I'm Statisfied
These Trails
Rapt Attention
These Trains (1973)
Context Ender
Summary (2007)
Frida Hyvonen
You Never Got Me Right
Until Death Comes (2005)
Kim Jung Mi
Track 2
Wind (1973)
Palace Music
Arise, Therefore
Arise, Therefore

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