Thursday, June 21, 2007

Esthete Radio 28.0 Playlist - 17.06.07 : Final Show

it was a good run. it was a good program last Sunday. I am a little sad that we are done at KUCI. I really admired the dedication of certain people there and I can only hope that they continue to improve the organization.

As for me, I will now be able to devote more focus and in depth analysis of certain Esthete musics rather than just some silly playlists. I am also planning to allot more time towards specific video and music projects that have been waiting in the wings. These should all appear right here.

A little further on the horizon is a record label project I have been working on. I cannot get too specific, but this will be a record label that takes a counterintuitive approach to the industry, an approach that is truly unique today. We will be a strictly new media label (at first at least). The intent is to make music available to as many people as possible by lowering the historical, industry set barriers to consumers. Stay tuned...

Theo Angell
Born to Burn
Dearly Beloved (2007)
James Blood Ulmer
Ghetto Child
No Escape from the Blues: The Electric Lady Sessions (2003)
Sun Before Arises
Esta Guerra (2007)
Force of Habit
Rebirth (1968)
The Psyclone Rangers
The Awe Song
The Devil May Care
Butthole Surfers
Creep In The Cellar
Double Live Disc
Night Flight
Where Are We Going
Asteriadh Poph - Pappas LakhsKi ustera mou milasPaei ki auth h kuriakh (1990)
Ant Trip Ceremony
Violets of Dawn
24 Hours (1968)
Magna Carta
Emily Thru the Window Pane
Magna Carta (1969)
Kim Jung Mi
track 8
Wind (1973)
Mine All Troubled Blues > East Mountain Joint
Wharf Ra (2007)
Sunburned Hand of the Man
Blow the Whistle
Earth Do Eagles Do (2007)
Bill Quick
Get Me A Pony
Maravillosa Gente (1972)
Tim Buckley
Happy Time
Blue Afternoon (1969)
Change In Me
Last Laugh (1970)
Simon Finn
Good Morning
Pass the Distance (1970)
Simon Finn
Pass the Distance (1970)
Simon Finn
Very Close Friend
Pass the Distance (1970)
Mick Stevens
I'm going Home
Lady Sunrise (1973)

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gotch said...

I googled Bill Quick Maravillosa Gente today for fun just to see if it would come up. I was amazed at how many links there are. I wrote music and lyrics, played banjo, guitar and provided accompanying vocals on this album when it was recorded in Madrid in the Spring of 1972. Bill quick and I became the best of friends. That's cool how you featured one of the songs from the album. "Get a Pony" is the song I played Banjo on. Why did you feature this cut on your show?

I wrote the lyrics to "Beautiful People." Before I wrote it, "take me Away" was going to be the title song, but after hearing and recording "Beautiful People," the producer Alain Milhaud liked it so much he decided to make it the title cut.

I don't get credits for writing because the album deal was Bill's, but my photo and name are on the album cover. I get album credits for guitar and vocal accompaniment.

Mark Gottschall