Sunday, January 07, 2007

Esthete Radio 11.0 Playlist - 12.31.06 - Top of the Bops, Best of 2006

This is my top 20 countdown. Did I miss anything? Probably...

20 Panda Bear
Bro's 12"
19 Black Angels
Young Men Dead
18 Espers
Mansfield and Cyclops
Espers II
17 Liars
A Visit From Drum
Drums Not Dead
16 Uzeda
15 Oneida
Happy New Year
Happy New Year
14 Brightblack Morning Light
Everybody Daylight
Brightblack Morning Light
13 Grizzly Bear
Yellow House
12 Beirut
Gulag Orkestar
11 Six Organs of Admittance
Black Wall
Sun Awakens
10 Mission of Burma
Donna Sumeria
The Obliterati
9 Charalambides
There is no End
A Vintage Burden
8 Raro & Apenino
Untitled 7
Raro & Apenino
7 Danielson
Did I Step On Your Trumpet
6 Josephine Foster
An Die Musik
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
5 Neko Case
Hold On, Hold On
Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
4 Vetiver
You May Be Blue
To Find Me Gone
3 MV & EE with the Bummer Road
East Mountain Joint
Green Blues
2 Lansing-Dreiden
A Line You Can Cross
The Dividing Island
1 Songs of Green Pheasant
Pink By White
Aerial Days

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