Sunday, January 07, 2007

Esthete Radio 12.0 Playlist - 01.07.07

The new year is upon us, so is another version of Esthete Radio.

Tomb Stone
Brush!? (1971)
The Garbage and the Flowers
Rosicrucinn Lovers
Eyes Rind as if Beggars (1997)
Sandy Bull
Carmina Burana Fantasy
Fantasias for Guitar and Banjo (1963)
I'll Be Home To You
A Gift From Euphoria (1969)
Hollyville Train
A Gift From Euphoria (1969)
Dirty Three
Sue's Last Ride
Horse Stories (1996)
Drum Circus
All Things Pass
Magic Theatre (1971)

The Song is the Single
Summary (2007)
Prelude For Time Feelers
Copia (2006)
The Churchill's
Double Concerto
The Churchill's (1968)
Yays & Nays
Easy Woman
Yays & Nays (1968)
Do Make Say Think
A Tender History in Rust
You, You're A History in Rust (2007)
Gunther Kaufmann
Our Love
Kraut! Demons! Kraut! German Psychedelic Undergound 1968-74
LSD and the Search for God
LSD and the Search for God (2006)

Mack Sigis Porter
Miles To Go
Peace On You (1972)
Vidrizana Holova
Polyn Kvitne (2005)
Jeff Moore & Friends
Is It You
The Youngest Son (1974)
Peter and the Wolf
Holy Water
Lightness (2006)

The Roots of Madness
Flight of the Ocka Bird
The Girl in the Chair (1971)
The Daktaris
Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti
Club Africa Vol. 1
Theo Angell
Dearly Beloved (2006)
Virgin Insanity
Touch the Sky
Illusions of the Maintenance Man (1971)

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