Friday, April 27, 2007

KUCI Fund Drive!!!!!

KUCI 88.9 FM :: Annual Fund-Drive
April 27 - May 7, 2007
Call 949-824-5824 to pledge!

Help us keep Esthete Radio and the other wonderful programming at KUCI going strong. With a donation you will become part of the Esthete Radio and KUCI family. This is a family you will not find anywhere else on the dial....especially in Orange County and southern California. When you pledge please rep Esthete Radio so we get our due.

Donations can be made by calling 949-824-5824 between April 27 and May 7th.

KUCI essentially started as a pirate radio station in 1969, because even back then, there were people sick of commercial radio.
There are currently no independently owned commercial radio stations in the greater Los Angeles area. This is the reason that if you call up a commercial station and request a song, you won't hear it if it's not the flavor of the week. Public affairs shows are not immune to this, either. There are almost no people who are willing to express a non-politically correct opinion, because they are deathly afraid of losing sponsorship. We are the last bastion against crappy, sound-alike radio in Orange County. We are the voice of freedom for all the independent music that gets snubbed by the major labels. We are the defenders of the faith for those who choose to express a different opinion. We are Corporate Rock's worst nightmare. We are KUCI.

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