Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Esthete Radio 23.0 Playlist - 06.05.07

Thanks to Sam of Wonderful Rainbow, Esthete Radio was able to gallantly continue in the wake of my absence. The only information I can add at this point is that Madison WI is a pretty neat place. Anyway, we've got a hot list from Sunday's show:

mouthful of bees
the end
white magic
palm and wine
dat rosa mel apibus
that big orange sun run over speed light
milk man
dan deacon
crystal cat
spiderman of the rings
mf doom
kon karne
sage fancis
civil obedience
human the death dance
solo buttons for joe meek
the rose has teeth in the mouth of a beast
the sun
black moth super rainbow + the octopus project
the house of apples & eyeballs
the books
the lemon of pink
the boggs
emily, o emily
we are the boggs we are
panda bear
take pills
person pitch
let's not wrestle mt. heart attack
drum's not dead
gang gang dance
nomad for love (canibal)
god's money
a hawk and a hacksaw
gadje sirba
the way the wind blows
kaizers orchestra
acoustic ladyland
high heel blues
last chance disco
mark sultan
je ne savais pas
sultanic verses
compulsive gamlers
your happiness
crystal gazing luck amazing
thee ohees
the master's bedroom is worth spending a night in
beat happening
bury the hammer
you turn me on
maher shalal has baz
faux depart
faux depart
angels of light
akron/family & angels of light
out hud
dad, there's a little phrase called too much information
s.t.r.e.e.t. d.a.d.
the fiery furnaces
i'm waiting to know you
bitter tea
need new body
magic kingdom
where's black ben
tom waits
fumblin' with the blues
the heart of saturday night
you can never tell
happy new year
kila kila kila
kila kila kila
james blackshaw
spiralling skeleton memorial
o true believers

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